We are
Untitled Kingdom

We craft mobile & web apps

We look
into the future

We believe that mobile app & devices, wearables and the Internet of Things are the future and we don’t just want to observe it. We want to build it. We are an app development team experienced with apps for IoT and we’re already working on our first apps for Apple Watch

We have 8 years of experience

The first iOS app we ever created was in 2008 for iPhone OS 2.
Since that time we followed all the latest thinking in the world of mobile app development, we grew, we learned a lot & we became experts in what we do. Our developers have great experience in iOS, Android & Ruby on Rails and we make sure they constantly broaden their knowledge on conferences, hackathons and dev days to deliver the most accurate and up to date solutions for our clients

We provide
complete services

We don't just deliver apps.
Our team of designers, mobile & RoR developers and optimization specialists help our clients with idea development and the planning process to create an app that perfectly suits your market. We custom fit tools and solutions, create beautiful designs and write crystal clear, well integrated code. We don't stop there. We kick-start launching & getting your app the attention it deserves. Your success is what drives us


Elvie guides, corrects
and visualises your kegel
exercises in real time
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Connecting the world
to professional services
at the tap of a button
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Educational apps for kids
focused on developing friendly
and social behaviours amongst kids
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Designed to empower kids to actively
explore, experience, craft, and respond
to a treasure trove of films specially selected
to inspire them to become the creators of tomorrow
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You have an idea?

Let's talk about how we can help you
make it into a new big thing