CEO, Co-founder

Our co-founder and CEO. As well as steering Untitled Kingdom day to day, Piotr is very active in NGOs working in musical, cultural and educational initiatives. He's University level qualified in Project Management, and was in fact our first project manager. These days he is making sure Untitled Kingdom grows and matures as a team delivering world-class custom application development – whilst making sure that the company retains our unique atmosphere that attracts the very best developers, and makes Untitled Kingdom an amazing partner for our clients and an exceptional place to work.



Hugo is one of several team members who studied at Kraków's school of communications (ZSŁ), and later graduated from AGH University in Computer Science (Specializations: System and Software Engineering). It was during his university studies that he started teaching himself programming for the Mac, as it was more fun than his studies! He's our first ever developer, who is now our CTO, still working full time on coding iOS apps, as that's what he enjoys most. As CTO, he spreads his passion for simplicity and clean code amongst our team. He's a big believer in the potential of Super Artificial Intelligence to solve the world's problems, and home automation to solve the simpler challenges of life. Outside of work he loves motorsports, and track racing his motorbike


COO, Coach

John has worked in all sorts of roles in software development since the first dot com boom. He's worked at some of the most exciting startups around, including Spotify and Estimote. He says that at heart he's an agile coach – with a strong belief in the power of self-organising teams, and gets the greatest pleasure from enabling other people to learn and improve. Outside work he's most often to be found riding his bike round the Beskid Wyspowy mountains, or looking after his flock of chickens. Little known fact about John – he started his career as a Police Constable in Cambridgeshire Police.


Chief of Sales

Bart's career started at Cap Gemini, where he says above all he learned the value of providing great customer care. He also learned that it wasn't the right environment for him, and started a journey that included qualifying as a Business / Executive Coach, founding his own startup selling customised sunglasses, and eventually sales. At Untitled Kingdom, Bart is Business Development Manager, and describes himself as our clients' advocate here in our office, making sure that they are always happy with the service they receive. Bart loves music, playing the blues on his Stratocaster, in a home full of instruments from mouth organ to ukulele.


iOS Lead Developer

Leszek comes from a family of engineers, and when he's not working on iOS development at Untitled Kingdom, he's likely to be writing pure, low-level C code for AVR chips to solve automation problems at home. He's a graduate of Kraków's famous school of communications (ZSŁ), and is currently completing his studies at AGH University part time. Leszek has been at Untitled Kingdom since June 2012, and most enjoys complex, challenging projects that really make him think! In his spare time, he's working on his 3D printer that is in an ongoing “almost finished” state...


RoR Lead Developer

Lead Ruby on Rails developer, who has been with us since the beginning of our journey with Ruby on Rails. Educated at Kraków's prestigious AGH University. Prior to Untitled Kingdom, Maciek was a Ruby on Rails developer at However, his desire to constantly broaden his experience and work on a range of projects led him to join us. Outside work, he's one of the founders of, a startup helping musicians sell merchandise. To relax, he's a big fan of motorsports and video games.


Growth Specialist

Sara is our caffeine-fuelled expert in getting the most from your application. Her journey to this specialisation started with working in marketing automation, using the most modern tools and techniques to effectively target campaigns. Prior to Untitled Kingdom she has also led marketing teams in offline / online and e-commerce website optimisation. Now Sara makes sure our clients maximise their conversion rates, as well as being responsible for App Store optimisation – which are two pieces of software engineering lifecycle that are often neglected, but that we think are crucial for a project's success. She likes challenging projects with bold clients who aren't afraid to innovate. Outside work, as well as being a Fashion school graduate, Sara's the proud owner of a massive Alaskan Malamute called 'Mamut' ('Mammoth'), and is completing her degree in Film Studies part time.


Project Manager

Greg's background is in games development, having started his career as a Level Designer in MMO gaming at Drago Entertainment. This led him into Project Management, when Greg first championed and introduced Scrum to his development team – with massive effect, reducing delays on a project that was seriously overrunning. At Untitled Kingdom Greg has been instrumental in setting up a pragmatic, effective Scrum process leading to successful projects and happy clients. He still enjoys gaming, and is learning 3D design as well as Ruby. Greg is a fixed gear aficionado, most often to be found on his bike outside of working hours. Trivia fact – Greg's web browser uses Vim key bindings for speed and efficiency …. and is hard for anyone other than him to use!

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